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Underground Electrical Service Repair & Installation in Kelowna & Vernon, BC.

The term underground service is used when the electrical power cable coming from the utility power source to your home or business is buried underground. 
Underground service is perfect for customers who want to make overhead clearance for a pool, deck or patio.

In a residential setting, the feeder wire is attached to the transformer and is then fed through a conduit or PVC conduit sleeve attached to the utility company’s power pole. The conduit should extend below the ground providing mechanical protection, so the cables cannot be damaged. These cables run to the area where the meter is attached to the home. The meter will have conduit extending from the meter into and below the ground. The feeder wires will then be protected by the conduit from damage that could occur from things like weed trimmers and lawn mowers. Removing the wire from blocking the view of your patio and eliminating any overhead danger.

New Underground Electrical Service Installation In Kelowna & Vernon BC.

With the availability of the electric power source differs from customer to customer, please contact us early in your planning stages so we can assess your needs and determine costs. The power company may need to extend higher-voltage power lines to provide service to your property. This requires additional time and possibly additional utility company charges. Canadian Electrical Code and utility company standards dictate the specifications of trench depth, conduit size, fill, and conductor size.
So it is always recommended to use a qualified licensed electrician like Mainland Electric & Controls to perform this work.

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